newbs and teh peng...

went for my sem briefing today..i have 5 bloody subjects this sem..shyyyttt...but theres radio production so thats the only sub im really excited the timetable and guess wat my hate for tues hasnt changed at all..bloody tues i have classes from 8 till 3 nonstop..if i take the mpw subject it will be 8 till 5!! thank after our briefing went to makan at choi kee..then after that went to proex to meet mr.sayang of pat hahahaha..decided to stay in the cc just to kill time waiting for jatta to come back from watever hes doin then go yum to kill time me, charlson and jil played and charls teached jil how to play since she was a newb haha..damn funny la jil was like damn proud like that she wooped my ass in cs..hahaha ok all u cc kakis of mine will think apa jadi la mr looney kena pawned by a newb..truth is charls and her gang bang me like hell la..i alone vs 2 of them..and plus i havent been playing cs for like ages adi (giving excuses oni hahaha :p) but no matter..once i got my rythm back i pawned both of them back muahahaha..i still got it ohh yeeaahh...haha so after that me,jil, gary, jatta and charls went to Teh Tarik Place in the curve to yum cha...then went walking around the curve..and owh yeah when we were paying the parking ticket that time charls was his usual hyper self again went playing on the when he was coming down we all ran to the car leaving him behind..he was like chasing us kau kau weh hahahaha damn we were all in the car except charls and we pretended we gonna leave him behind like gary reverse the car moving to the exit and charls was with his 'don la like that la' face the end we let him in oso la..pity the guy hahaha..anyway after that nothin much happen just that i went home and now typing this bye for now i have to go botb now haha..ciaoz~~~

moving out on sat!!!