mid term hol in ipoh

during the mid term break from college i went back to ipoh..tot can see frens and family wan but see see can see my family oni..all my old frens ffk me in the end..ass la they all. anyway get to spend time with my family la..so not too bad la..get to see my doggie and my rabbits miss them lots also haha..ipoh was a bit too quite one day so i played my drums just to make some noise haha felt really good after a good one hour plus banging of my drums..after tat went to church then go eat my fav beef noodles mmm..yum yum..haha still taste as good as ever. i recomend to everyone to go ipoh and try its really damn good..then the after that went back to grandmas place in gopeng. really kampung place la i love it there even tough theres nothin much to do there but i like cycling around there and enjoying the peaceful kampung atmosphere haha..thats bout it la wat i did in ipoh..now i have to finish my damn assignment haiz..until next time :)

my cute doggie!!

my rabbit: honey

my other rabbit: patches

favorite beef noodles...mmm

at my grandmas house..so peaceful ahh..