this comin few weeks towards CNY is gonna be a busy one for me..first of all im currently backing up all my data from limao cuz she's gonna get upgraded into Windows 7..yeah baby~~ next on sunday imma goin back to Baskin & Robins to help out on the yea gonna be a tiring sunday..but i need the kinda saving up for the month of March where so many games that i want releasing on that month..(T_T)

one more thing..imma bout to start another blog..this blog will be a fully gaming review blog that im collaborating with my frens here in kl..its goin to be a review blog on all the games that we can get our hands on..its just something that we have been planning to do for a time now and finally we might have the time to do if you are big fan of games pls check it out when its done..will keep u guys updated on when's it goin to be up..

finally my band and i have been invited to play for another gig..YEAH!! were getting more famous!! xD we were invited to play for the launch of the new campus of KDU college..heading to practice the songs tmw..but to b honest kinda nervous cuz i have mid terms next week and then it will there wont be alot of time for us to practice.. :/ anyways thats all for now..will be back soon :D until then cioazzz....

owh almost forget..
check this blog out if u like to have new music to listen to..
its my frens blog where she interviews bands from all over the globe..check it out