on the 16th..me dinie and sam went to Help University College to attend this anime event which is C2AGE..basically the event is all about anime, manga, and games. so obviously i went there just to join the games competition since i heard there was a street fighter 4 competition..so of we went and joined the comp..almost din made cuz max allowed to join is oni 20 people so made it to the last slots..ok to be honest i thought there were goin to be like a lot of pros there so i join just for the sake of fun not to mention expect to win anything of course..but as it turns out there the people that joined were all kinda noobs la..sorry to say la..and im not bragging or anything..its just that i was hoping for more tougher challengers la..first round i have to fight this girl who have no idea what she is doing and the crowd was like dun bully girl la..hahaha but sorry la girl or guy..i will still just play to win..so went to the next round with ease so did dinie and sam..eventually we beat almost everyone until the semi finals where i have to fight with dinie..hahaha the match was very close..almost lost to him but manage to land the last hit to take the match..sorry la dinie but u can get to beat alot of times next time..so im the first in the finals..then of course the set was won by sam..so finals was me and sam...its like playing at home everyday..we dun really care who wins the prize anyway just that we agreed on putting up a show for those spectators haha..they seem to get worked up pretty easily with our flashy combos..hahaha ok so obviously i lost to sam la..i cant win the captain la on certain times can la but not this time la too bad..after the match we went to makan and then just chill with the noobs..oops em no our new frens haha xD..played a few rounds with them..watched some of the performances...oh yea i almost forgoten Hannah Tan was at the event..haha yup u  heard right guys Hannah Tan..still looking as hot as ever of course..din manage to take some pics of her though..she was just there for a while then she ciao adi..so here are some of the pics that we took...

DSC_2070me analyzing the opponents moves  

DSC_2074sagat got owned by sagat haha >< 

DSC_2082 ken vs ryu..again~~ –.-“

DSC_2084players battling it out

DSC_2091  Grandpa Roshi rapping hahaha

DSC_2150 me and sam battling

DSC_2181 sam recieving his prize for beating me T.T

DSC_2199the whole committee that organized the event and the cosplayers