saturday nite out

today was a disappointing but nevertheless fun day la..met up with the me old high school frens for a nite out..firstly went to mun xiew's house met up with me old buddies which i havent seen in ages..roshan the midget, harvey the singh, doyou the sakai, aren tang tang and emily soon...there was suppose to be more but they cant make it...the whole group was made up of 80% guys...its a bloody gay party are the list of dudes there : me, doyou, roshan, harvey, aren, mun xiew, kei yan, yau kin and philip...the lists of girls who went : emily and kai bing...hahahaha fcukin gay fest to the max..
originally we wanted to go to barcelona but tak boleh masuk liao...stupid ass bouncer rejected us..usually can wan but dunnno why this time cant sneak in..instead we went to coco banana which we managed to sneak in..basiclly the nite was okla..maybe its cuz clubbin is so not my thing..i jus go for the booze and to hang la..but the fun thing was gettin philip drunk hahaha..we force him to drink so many that we lost when he started to puke we were lik success!! hahaha xD

overall had a fun nite doyou and aren went to send philip back to his house and took care of him for a while then doyou and aren teman me walk back the time i reach
back home was like 4 adi so ya went and bath then straight to bed..

the two drunks: ky and philip

me in the club...i liked the lights there..kinda cool


heres to all you June babies!!




Xian Chang


Elaine Voon

Pheroshen Singh


june was the busiest month for me so far but its all good..
had loads of fun at charlsons and pats party
too bad i missed jills one (sorry jil!!)

happy birthday people!! haha
watched drumline again today..

freakin chunted movie..


just see for yourself..