play the night


ok i know my blog has been now im bringing it back to least for now until it dies again ok heres an band if u dont know by now is Stalking Shannon and we got a gig at the new KDU campus..after my usual tuesday class..i head off to the campus to help out in my anime club booth which was holding a gaming competition..mostly fighting games only though..wait correction actually all fighting games only like Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6 and BlazBlue was played..the be honest i felt that the tourney was kinda awesome..since this is like our first time holding a tourney as big as this and we have Animax as our sponsors so yea..quite a good turn out too..and Jamie was owning people with her Taki in SC4 hahaha..

so while the tourney was goin on..i had to go prepare myself for the gig..nah actually theres nothin much to prepare also just hang around and wait for the stage to call us for sound while we waiting..played monopoly and i have never seen such bargains made in monopoly in any of my monopoly games like the ones i saw on that day hahaha xD…after the monopoly game which we got to fin it then we were suppose to sound check then suddenly it started raining…not just rain oni..rain like shiat!! so we were stuck in this hall for a pretty long time and we so bored we just stated playing around with the camera crap la..etc etc..took a full band pic too haha xD..special thx to yuen yuen~~ for being a pro camerawoman to take our pic and also our beloved roadie/band manager hahaha :P…

so actually the gig was kinda cancelled cuz of the rain..already john mistress and slunk left the we were really kinda bummed and pissed lo..i mean like we pratice damn long for this now cancel pulak..aih..but then suddenly rain then the gig was back on! yeah! so chun la we went for sound check and then we hit another obstacle which was the sound check went waaaay to long..cuz the freaking sound guy was drunk –__-..wth man i can smell the alcohol around after like 30mins of checkin we manage to perform in the end and it was awesome!! turns out at around 8p.m there were still alot people watching so yeah that kinda hyped me the songs that we played were I can Tell by Saosin, Lolipop by Framing Hanley, and Breathe Today by overall it was a really good nite la can say..thx to all who supported us and came on that day..we love you all :D..i will leave u guys with the pics on that night so yea enjoy!

*due to copywriting issues, i have to credit yuen yuen for very pic she took :D

DSC_5779 sam registering people for the tourney

DSC_5795 the gaming area..

DSC_5852 yuen yuen and alya~~

DSC_5869 sound check..wil ok ah? okhay okhay okhay.. xD

DSC_5870 :O

DSC_5884 andrew tolong potong the rumput you call ur hair plz..

DSC_5891 DSC_5892

alya and jens..back 2 back woot! xD

 DSC_5895awesome pic of wil rockin it out..


as u might notice there is very little pics of me :S cuz i am drummer mah..always kena block by the people in front..damn sad..


so yea that about it la for this post..there are much more pics wan but scared it will take way too long to load..there vids to but u will have to search in youtube for it cuz i lazy to post it up plus it will take to long also..i will leave u  guys with a last pic haha like always..full credit to yuen yuen for the awesome pic of us :P *bites* (^^^)