long long road ahead…


my new semester just started and man its gonna be another hell of a semester to go thru..this sem i finally gonna have photography..yes been waiting for this subject for some time now and also one super huge subject which is PR..the amount of work that is goin to be done in PR is gonna be phenomenal due to the fact that we have to organize a major event as our final assignment..i have mixed reactions with the new timetable..good as there is a day off for us every week which is tuesday..bad most of the classes starts at around 8-9 like that..omg so not used to waking up that early adi liao ish.. other updates on me recently is the i went down to malacca during my sem break..there i went to attend GACC which is another anime and games convention..i did not attend the first day but instead attended the second day cuz the first day i was attending another street fighter tournament ^^ (games is my life! >< ) so the time i had will be again as usual explain in the form of pictures..i dun have much pictures sorry la..the other cameraman dinie tak datang kerana dia terbagun lewat hahaha xD

DSC_4191tylow and sam on a friendly match



tylow and some guy who uses sticks to play in the finlas..tylow won the finlas btw..(congratz!)


the final match up..cassandra vs setsuka


ume boshi managing the booth..sales for them were really good 


too bad the loli top hats didnt sell..lol



some cosplayers at the event..



team dragonball..lol to me the bezita is way too skinny and short lol



the pyro from team fotress 2..with his signature stance


sam & reno doing some really gay stuff..and yes people that girl is a guy.. xD

so thats about it people of what i did in the hols..for most of the time i was actually wow-ing my head off haha..until then…………….


chow~~~ xoxo