bullet bending

today me and the usual gang went to one utama to chillax for the day after finishing our last assignment which was socio..almost didnt made it for the presentation but i will spare the details la..
went to the arcade to bang some drums to release some stress haha
then off we went to watch this:


 really really chun movie weh..
its abit unreal though the movie with the bullets bending and killing people from miles away
but its still a great movie and with miss hottie...
mrs hottie(damn it!) in the movie so yea makes the movie all the better to watch..

after the movie..me and andre went to the arcade again..
bang some more drums..kill some zombies..
then went to get me first piercing!!
andre wanted another wan so i also went and get one too

hows it look?? ok?

just a random pic..haha they both look so japanese over here eating sushi..

after that went back to college took the bus home..
and now..

it is time..

for me..




till next time..CKL out..