fatty & skinny

on wed i had no class which was freakin awesome cuz i get to jam with me buddies!!! went to try out this new studio which was named fatty & skinny studio..dunno why it was named like that..haha anyways went with the usua jam mates which was wil, andre, and jil but ray last minute ffk us..no matter we still can rawk hard..haha turns out the studio was really quite cool..there were guitars everywhere and not to mention quite a number of drums too..according mr.wil some os the gutars are like shit expensive like as in really good guitars..i quite agree cuz there were also a good amount of shit expensive drums there too like a DW was there..WOW..haha..the room that we jammed in was quite spacious and there was a really nice PDP drumset and also a Mesa Boogie amp tube amp and a Marshal too..the only bad thing i have to say is that the studio dont provide u with guitars..u have to bring ur own..but overall not bad for studio which i also heard Estrange likes tto jam here as well..so off we went jamming our heads off to nirvana, white stripes, rocked out versions of tings tings, katty perry, add in a couple of our own spontaneous playing also..this time theres no new song that we came up with cuz we actually suppose to try out wat songs are we gonna play for the march orientation later on...so here are some pics to show wat went down during the jam session..

mr.andre the 'vampire' doing his solo...

mr.ringo star rawking it out!! haha

the ever so lovely red riding hood jil with the vocals

mr. wil showing that rempits can shred too..haha

my face ngam ngam kena block by andre's guitar head..

better but still kena block lagi..

after the jam session..went for cendol!!