white december

alrite people my exams are over and its time for me to go to on a holiday mood...YEAH BABY!! and i get a whole month of dec off..YEAH BABY!! and not forgetting christmas is coming soon that deserves another YEAH BABY!! and that means presents!! friends!! turkey!! boooozzzee!!!! wahaha!! YEAH BABY!!! currently back in ipoh..so all you ipoh people any plans call me up!! oh yeah wanna say sorry for Jill, Wil, Andre and Ray..sorry i had to leave all of the sudden and bailed you guys on the jam session haha but i will jam with u guys as soon as im back in kl..deal??

ok so as you know christmas just peeking around the corner and guess wat im getting for chirstmas~~~ some of you may know already so don spoil the fun for the others..i will give you guys some clues alrite...its black and shiny...its the ultimate machine out in the market now..and last of all, this clue would probably let you know what it is..its starts with the letter P and ends with the number 3..hehehe go figure..this thing was on my bday wishlist if you still cant get it..haha cant wait for christmas to come woohoo!! alrite guys i will leave you with that..later peeeps..