today i had IT class..found a new secret that andrew told me for the battle of the bands in facebook..now i can get more people to join my tour..yes!!..u guys probably think why am i wasting time playing this facebook game but its damn addictive la..cant help it..owh ya when me and patricia were writing down the attendence the com in front of us suddenly exploded..not a big wan la but it went PAKK!!! then smoke started to come out from the com..the whole row of coms went dead after da explosion..me and pats were lik wth??!! pats got the fright of her life..haha but its totally not our fault man..it just exploded for no reason..

after that we received our first IT assignment..we have to write a story book..a children storybook of all things..and we have to use photoshop and we have to do an animation together with the book..the animation part is fun la but the children book thing its like huh?? but no matter la have to reach back to my inner child to do this assignment haha..after class din do much la just hang round disscusing bout the assignment and talk some stuff la then at 6 went back home...