its a wrap!!


this mayb a bit late update for some people who is reading but im ctaching up with the the past 2 weeks i had charlson’s bday party to attend and also i was selected as the main camera crew assistants for the official KDU advertisment..first will update on charls bday party..was a really small one but fun and eventful are some pics from the party..

DSC_3021 satay~~

DSC_3022andre failed murder attempt on me #397 xD hahaha

DSC_3027 wil & jatta

DSC_3071 the bday boy lan si face..

DSC_3039 bday boy hefta drink some vile concoction by us haha

DSC_3044 so does andrew too ><

DSC_3047 trying act cute tapi tak

DSC_3069 goodnight world!!

ok now for the second part of this post..the 2 weeks i have been chosen as the main camera crew assistants for the shooting of the KDU ad..basically the whole mascom department was involved in it..and it was great fun and alot of work for me and the gang..but i learnt alot from that 2 days of shoot..especially the guys from MS Post, our camera and shooting crew..special thx to Jay, Abu, Moos, Dean and Boy for teaching us wats it like on a real shooting set..eventhough we were stressed beyond our mind in doing this ad we still manage to have fun..the ad will be aired around next month la in all major GSC Cinemas..around the time when Harry Potter is showing la..rawk on guys!!

5078_1183245941832_1248746281_528008_6810133_n me and the whole crew that was involved in the shooting of the ad..nice work people!!

penang trip (day 3)


same thing la i guess..will leave the pics to do the talking..

DSC_2758entrance to KDU Penang~~

DSC_2725all the contestants for the SC4 in the yellow shirt


DSC_2838 cosplay of the contestants..dunno who he’s cosplaying haha ><


  DSC_2859 Dante from Devil May Cry..


DSC_2885 some original character..which is suppose to be a vampire la


DSC_2925 end up she won the competition for best dress..


DSC_2782 but i think the real winners were these bunch over here...woowee xD don u think so? hehe


so thats kinda it for my penang trip la..after that went around in penang lepaking until time to catch our bus back to KL..

signing off~~