penang trip (day 2)


second day in penang..and the first day of off we went walking to kdu penang which is really near the hotel that we are staying  at..again i will leave the pics to do the here we go~~

DSC_2510 the next morning~~


DSC_2531 japanese~~~


DSC_2540 me testing out the games


DSC_2547 me and the gang briefing the rules to the contestants xD


DSC_2583 dinie(ryu) vs some guy(ken) haha


DSC_2585 this pic abit blur but i manage to catch dinie coming out his ulti move just on time xD


DSC_2591 KON~~~


DSC_2607 the band who came all the way from Malacca


DSC_2612kon and some random guy with an umbrella haha

from this point onwards we left kdu and headed to the beach..wee the beach! its been ages since ive been to one so here are the pics..


DSC_2623 the beach~~~


DSC_2629 the beach now has muc more things goin on than i remember..they even have ATV rides now :o


DSC_2630 sunset~~




DSC_2646 fooyoh..semua pandang belakang xD


DSC_2649 this parachute almost hit me and dinie cuz the wind suddenly changed direction..we were like this close to gettin hit fooh..

DSC_2671 me leaving my mark


DSC_2667 i think this is a really cool shot..and its totally candid mind you..looks like an album cover shot..hehe


DSC_2712 took this pic of some people about to commit mass suicide hahaha