my new baby

i got a new drum set!!!! and its not just a normal drum set..its an electronic drum set!!! its like a hundred drum sets in one..its a yamaha table drum set..its not exactly good for improving my drumming skills la cuz its a table drum set..this new one still cant beat the real thing of course but it sure as hell gave me more variety and effects to add to my drumming i can compose more beats and add effects to it...cant wait to combine both my drum set to see what i can come up with..heheh i already came up a few new beats for some songs that me and my gang composed..the diplomas have made 3 new songs with the help of golden mallets of course..but there were a few cons that i didnt like about my new drums la..first it din come with an adapter..which sucked balls cuz i have to use batteries for it..and the second thing is the pedals for the bass and high hat is really sucky..its not as responsive as a normal pedal would respond..but ahh i will get use to it soon..

other than that..i moved in to my new house adi..woohoo!!! no more bus rides and waking up damn early for new housemates are a crazy bunch which is just perfec
t..hahaha everynight we will be playing soul calibur 3..and my house is now the official hang out place since they can nap, lepak, play my drums =.=, play ps2 and can do our discussions there..will post some pics of the house and my roomies when later the meantime u can take a look at me new baby...hahah

me new baby!!

sneak peek....

hey sorry people for not updating me blog...

ive been really busy since my new semester started..

will be upadating asap..haha

in the mean time hears a sneak peek on wats to come..

moved out
new drums
new songs
and many more...