Kampar trip

its bout time i posted this up..sorry ya for keeping u all waiting..have to wait for the photos and then got problems posting it up pulak ish..ok so i went to kampar with ed stayed at doyou's room..on the first day went with doyou to his campus..haha we made fake ids so we can go in the campus..utar was really HUGE..they have like so many blocks..its so open and so many wide spaces..me and ed followed doyou to one of his classes which was com studies haha were not suppose to be in there but the class is lik a 100++ students so the lecturer won even notice that were outsiders..was freakin boring the class but i did listen to abit la haha..met a few of my old schoolmates when i was walking around the campus..all of them were like wtf?? or wat are u doin here??all of them super surprised that me and ed were there hahaha..saw her there also or more famously known as jugzilla for the kampar people hahaha she was totally shocked to see me there..was kinda funny in a way la haha wonder wat was she thinkin when she saw me haha..anyway i din even talk to her the whole time i was there..shes not why i came to kampar anyway..ok enough bout that..met up with venodh who took us arouund the whole campus..took some pics then after that went to another class which was maths..god that class was boring..even doyou wasnt listenin me and him were instead listening to my ipod haha..after that headed back to the house then later went for futsal with some of doyous buddies..then after that chilled at doyous room for like a few hours..went to dinner and while walking there me and esther played shake it by metrostation just to annoy ed hahaha..later back at the house watched a movie with esther ed and sheryl..end up only sheryl was really watching it haha while all of us were half asleep..woken up by esther who was the first to wish me happy bday cuz it was past 12 adi haha then at the same time venodh came in the room and wished me the traditional way..by wacking the hell out of me haha..fuck ass pain weh..

then later went out with the whole gang and some of the new frens i made in kampar to celebrate me bday!!went to the infamous ghany which i have been reading about so many times on peoples blog so i want to find out wats so nice bout that place..turns out ghanys has 80 kinds of roti to eat..i was lik wow okayy chun haha..instead of a cake i got a burger with a freakin huge candle stuck in the middle hahaha..thx guys it was the best burger ever hahaha..and owh ya bumbed into nerrizza at ghanys din really noticed until i heard her cried ivan!! hahaha..later evryone cycled back to their own houses and we hang out at doyous room till really really late..had like a slumber party in doyous room haha me ed and esther slept on the floor while doyou and sheryl slept on the bed ^^ ok i know wat u guys are thinkin..we are resposible people ok dun do stupid stuff wan but the same cant be said to doyou la god knows wat he did when we were sleepin hahaha xD..ok people im off for now..lazy wanna type summore..will cont more on the next post..in the meantime check out the pics on the first day there..

me and my fake tag haha

me and ed

so happen all of us were wearing black

the men in black

ass doyou went and bite my phone


check out the huge candle haha

me and zaza..

the hole the candle made..
and the chunk i ate off hahaha

more to come in the next post
stay tuned...

hellboy vs dark knight

came back to ipoh finally..one of the reasons i og back to ipoh other than seein my bro and playing my drums is of course drive my trusty wira but sigh uncle chen took it to kl adi.. but no matter..now i have car in kl adi yay!! but i cant drive it most of the time cuz uncle chen will be using it..but theres oso a possibility that i can drive oso cuz uncle chen can use the myvi..thats alot of buts but....ahh!! enough with the buts..ok so went to church but then when i was in my car and goin back from church this saga went to the side of my car and then someone in the car was waving at me..i was like huh?? cuz i cant really see who was it cuz it was so dark in the car..all i could see was a body and hand waving at me..so i just wave back la hahaha thinkin okaaayy that was weird..then i got a sms from esther asking eh when u came back..then it hit me hahaha that was esther waving at me in the car hahaha..sorry esther!!

so i went for a movie the next day with esther, doyou, phero,emily and edward..watched hellboy 2 which was a really cool movie and funny too haha and phero was t
otally obsessed with the princess in the movie hahaha after hellboy went for lunch then on to the next movie..dark knight wohoo!! too bad emily, esther and phero cant join us cuz they gotta ciao adi so oni me ed and doyou watched dark knight..two movies in an hour haha..dark knight was the best batman movie of all..the joker was madness itself man..pure madness and i like it!! really really tense movie especially the bombs in the ferry part..fucking kan cheung weh..after the movies i was like ughh..super tired cuz drank too much coke and ate to much popcorn haha sugar overload..

damn chun movie..
but nothing compared to the next movie..

dark knight baby!!

owh ya..me and ed will be heading for kampar tomorrow
gonna stay there for maybe 1 or 2 nights la
so here we come kampar!!