Dead Space

i just bought this really really chunted game..i know i know..u guys will probly think im somekind of game freak or sumthin but i still gotta put this up because this is good shit i tell ya the game's tittle is Dead Space..a survival horror game..i heard it was good from the reviews and all but i din know it was that good until i actually played it..the game is damn SCARY..those who were there with me when i played it also got scared the hell out of them (especially sam who was more stress which make me even more stress only haha)..the game is really good because i really like the depth of the story..the story has a fully animated movie and also a comic book to explain the whole thing..the comic is the prequel to the movie while the movie is the prequel to the game..

dead space comic cover

the movie poster

the current game i have for my PS3..
scary shit weh..