tag fest...

ok here i go...got tagged by 3 dif people...

first up..
Elaine's tag

a picture of you in the most unique enviroment

me in New Zealand..really unique place

me underneath doyou..hahaha!!

a picture of you in a place you dislike

being chased by a wild seal in New Zealand..took this by accident haha

a picture of people who means alot to you

me family.....

all the ipoh fellas


college fellas...

a picture of you with your best smile (open mouth)

smiling with mouth WIDE open hahaha

a picture of you with your best smile (mouth closed)

the only decent smile closed mouth i have la i think

a picture of you with the lamest pose

stupid lala pose..haha

a picture of someone who stands on top of your heart

my lil cute dogie...kipper!

a picture of you with some cute toy

i have a cute rhino..haha milo the rhino..

a picture of you in a white shirt


next up zaza's tag..

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. why am i doing this tag?? i usually dont do this..

2. i guess i have nothin else to do

3. listening to the new nickleback songs from their new album..
absolutely love them

4. dead space scares the shit out of me

5. i won 87 bucks from gambling muahaha!!

6. i love to bath with super hot water..i just like how it feels and it doesnt really burn me or anything

7. am i done yet??

8. according to alot of people i lost alot of weight and look skinny now..

9. i hate the jonas brothers..they are a bunch of posers..

10. love my new ps3 haha

11. i need a gf...or maybe not..i dunno haha

12. i am immune to tickles..like as in someone tries to tickle you and watch u squirm..yeah that i am immune to it..haha

13. i can't wait for this tag to be done

14. i wish i could play drums more and perform more

15. almost there..

16. ok im done!!


2 down 1 more to go..

Ber's tag..

1. Esther Wong

2.Suzanne Lim

3. Johnathan Doyou

4. Patricia Chen

5. Andrew Mervyn Kasimir

6. Wil Son

7. Jilian Liew

8. Berlina Doyou

9. Dinie

10. edward ong

how do i know 1?
Esther Wong - met her at church bout a couple of years back

what would you do if you never met 2?
Suzanne - dunno what will i do but i will be really really missing out on a great friend

what would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
Jonathan Doyou - wtf...i would kill myself

Patricia Chen - that wouldnt work either...i would hide myself from his bf i guess..he would kill me haha and besides i'm way to good for her muahaha!! if u see this pat all the better!! haha XD

do you think 5 & 6 would make a good couple?
Andrew & Wil - ahahahaha that will totally be queer man..way too queer..

do you think 7 is attractive?
Jil - hmmm..i guess i could say that shes kinda attractive..

do you know anything about 8's family?
Berlina Doyou - i know she has a younger brother who is a dick haha and a younger sister..his mom and dad are really cool people too..

tell me something about 9
Dinie - he hates anything to do with horror haha games movie and all

what language does 2 speak?
Suzanne - she speaks english and cantonese i guess..maybe more don really know

who is 3 goin out with?
Jonathan Doyou - if he hasn't changed for now..he is dating Amanda la..

how old is 4?
Patricia Chen - same as me la..

when was the last time you talked to 5?
Andrew - emm..last week i guess

who's 6's favourite singer?
Wil - dunno know exactly but i know he loves Led Zeppelin

would you date 7?
Jil - emm..dun think now can la..but why not? hahaha

10 single?
Edward - hahahaha!! not anymore!! way to go ed!!

what's 9's last name?
Dinie - emm its Muhammad Dinie bin Johari if im not wrong..

would you consider being in relationship with 1?
Esther - errr...i think we are cool where we are now...does good frens counts??

which school does 2 goes to?
Suzanne - she was from MGS now i think she is Canning uni or coll i forgot in aus la..

what do you like about 3?
Johnathan Doyou - he is a dick which is why i like cuz im a better dick than him hahaha..but all in all he is great fren to have..im glad i met him..


fooh glad thats done!!