Kampar trip.....part 2.

ok cont from last post..so the next day the kampar fellas got class la..early class somemore so me and ed decided we just go around kampar ourselves la..we don wanna go to class again haha freakin boring..so me and ed woke up bout 2 like that then went to eat at ghanys again..after that went exploring the whole place la..cycled around here and there..went to the hotel for a while then cycle summore..actually there isnt much interesting stuff la around there haha just a small town with loads of teens and coll students around..in the end went to the lake to chill there..took some pics then headed back to the house cuz esther they all bout to come back adi..

so sampai kat rumah..bathed then chill out somemore..after a while they all came back then went out for dinner..came back and esther wanted to watch another movie..haha this time was some thriller movie The Orphanage..was not bad la the show..was half sleeping half watching it haha and esther was like totally kong out for the most part of the movie..hahaha but it was a nice movie..and owh ya its in spanish so u gotta read the subtitles..so after the movie went out to yum cha at ghanys again...haha went with a few other frens who wanted to tag along..so after we yum cha adi off we went to jalan mati..wanted to check out that place sounds like a chun place..so was it a chun place? i say okla..not realy that chun but chun oso la in a way hahaha..its actually a highway which was not completed la so they just put one huge sign sayin jalan mati hence the name hahaha..was really really dark in there but we can see quite clearly thx to the moonlight that nite and the clear skies..too bad the cameras can see that well like we did so pics over there are near impossible..but we did managed to take a few though..after that we went back to the house and chilled summore..then all have to sleep again cuz they all have class..evryone there said their last goodbyes to us cuz we be headin back home tmw...so end up only me and ed watching jackass the movie haha i fell asleep halfway through the movie..ed watched it to the end i think..

next day time to go home....had a really fun time hangin with me old frens..its nice to see back old faces..ok people thats all for now on wat im did during the first week of my hols..till next time..ciaoz ~~~~~

by the lake

rempit gang

hahaha esther took this pic...
(she checking me out ;)

the 'dark knight' Kumara and YAB Raja Daud a.k.a King David

here we are at jalan mati..
as u can see or cant see..it was pretty dark over there..