major let down..

yesterday was the orientation for the new march intakes..and my band performed there for them as part of PARTS short for Performing Arts we were really hyped up about it cuz its our first time performing together in coll....and it kinda was a total let down in the end...sigh....ok here is how it went..first we started of really good like we all always practiced then came the guitar solo where andre was suppose to perform but then......DISASTER STRUCKED.....andre's lanyard got STUCKED on his guitar string and he couldnt do the solo at all..i was looking at his face and it was like total shocked...his solo was messed we cont playing and towards the end i noticed that my snare drum was TILTING back..i was like oh fuck...i was praying hard for not to let the snare drum fall and i was hitting it softer now..stupid coll drumset..and thats not it...also towards the end wilson's guitar string SNAPPED and it cut his wasnt a bad cut but there was still blood and some of it was splattered on his guitar..and we all thought it looked hardcore and we told him not to wash it off haha..we were suppose to perform another song but the time slot didnt allow it and by that time we still havent got the lanyard unstucked from andre's guitar and wil's guitar is missing one yea major let down..argghhhh!!!

the bad luck doesnt stop there..went back home and slept cuz i stayed up late watching heroes haha and i woke up like 7 for sound check..when woke up, i had a bad fever and i was suppose to work on the next day...sigh~~ monday was definitely not my day at all..we didnt take much pictures but i will leave u with the pics..

jil rocking it out

mr.wil...the Beatles reincarnate


andre...this is where the lanyard got stuck...=.=

shaum with the bass~~

AHHHH!!!..(lanyard still stuck..=.=)

the whole band...

oh yea i have photography this new i got a brand new camera!!! well not exactly new cuz it was previously owned by my dad but he bought a new one so he gave me this one...haha still my very own powerful camera!!wohooo~~~