Road trip!!! :D


Like what the title said, i went on a road trip!! Wooohooo!! and the destination Malacca~~ ok so we went there for this event which is GACC which i went to last year if any of you guys remember(which i highly doubt)  cuz i posted up before this time instead of goin for just one day we went for both days..according to the MMU people they say this is going to be the last ever GACC..owh for you guys who dunno wat GACC is its actually an anime event *surprise!! haha*..ok so first day..very bad start for them cuz they had the open day at the same time and that event took the bigger hall that they had last year and the had they had on the first day was air cond, not much booths, no space, no cute chicks :/…but the first they had the blazblue competition and SF4 the only reason keeping us there was the games competition..didnt join SF4 cuz i know i will get my ass kicked by dinie, sam, ben, jason, and vern there omg so many yea i aint gonna waste me money..but joined blaz blue instead for the fun of it but got kicked out by vern in the first round (–__-) after both comps..owh gratz to vern for winning the SF4 comp haha..ur abel is very scary..tak boleh after walking around for a while more we went to our hotel to check in..all of us slept till dinner time and we ate nyonya food..mmmm awesome haha..after that didnt do much..went back to our room and just chill..

Day off we go to MMU again..and this time it was better cuz they moved it back to the bigger yea now theres air cond, more booths, more space, and most importantly more cute chicks back to the gaming section as usual and i joined the soul calibur4 comp just to get my ass kicked by dinie again..sigh..well at least got more time go tangkap gambar haha..i will show u guys the pics that i took on that day cuz thats basically it for GACC..quite boring la so to say but the fun part comes later..

after GACC we off to jalan jalan!! yay!! we went to this place where they sell dodol cuz who visits malacca and not buy dodol? in that shop we not oni found dodol but like really really old snacks like haw flakes, asam sweets, dried squid, and many other things that i used to eat when i was just sam and dinie was like omg omg hahaha literally like kids in a candy shop after that we went to jonker street to jalan..found this aunty selling really really old games that i used to play when i was a kid..i bought all of it cuz they were like super uber cheap haha..seeing those stuffs again brings back so much memories haha..our fun was kinda short though after it started raining and the stalls have to we went to dinner lo and ate nyonya again :D..after dinner we went strait back to now i shall just leave you with the pics that i took on both days.. and also some pics that jason until then have a good one.. CKL out~~ ;)

25187_424446941152_692111152_5354777_5979316_n cute chick with a les paul..sexay~ xD

DSC_5912 one of the SF4 matches..


DSC_5929 the band..much much better than last year’s..great job


DSC_5933 play play play… :D


DSC_5937 Jason learning how to play some kind of anime card game..i pun tak paham xD


DSC_5945 ooooo..kawaii maid~~ ^_^





DSC_5966 Jonker Street..and i saw this sign haha..awesome :D




Group picture!! abit blur cuz the restaurant guy we asked taking the pic dunno how to steady his hands :S

so yea thats about it la..gonna leave it here for now until i get more stuffs to blog hehe :P