busy and fun weekend...

was a busy and fun weekend...ok here we go..


after peggys class on fri i was suppose to go jam with will, andrew and ray..but before we get to that me, patricia and will went to wills house and hang first..chilled there for a while then went to subang parade and makan and buy some stuffs..then went back to my home t
o bath then off we go to jam...and jam we did...on the road la jam..hahaha damn alot of cars when we goin to the studio..when we finally found parking we were lik 20 mins late adi..jill and wyman was there too to watch us play..we agreed on some songs adi la but then we end up playing our own songs which we jus made up along the way haha some of it sound lik crap but some not half bad la..after the jam session the girls wanted to go to some boutique which its name escapes me..pat bought some clothes and then the most embarrassing thing happened....pat wanted to buy the tops la so she asked me to ask for a new wan so i went to this guy and asked him does he have a new wan but he told me he does not work here....so im lik owhhh shiittt!!!...so sorry man...i looked like damned fool in there..wyman was there he was the one who laughed first then when pat got to know wat happen all hell broke loose..she like relishing on the fact i made a fool of myself..damn u pat...=.=

then we headed off to charlsons bday party!!! we had loads of fun..jus check out the pics and the videos..we ate talked crap went play trolley haha, hang kai around charlsons neighborhood,eat cake, open presents, then saw charlson dance the winnie the
pooh dance hahaha..after the party went to idaman corner and yam cha....then we all went back from there...zzzz

this is super lala weh..dunno why the hell we did it haha

this pic is sick..jus sick xp


more pics...

bday boy in red..happy bday charlson!!!

ghost rider will..with a beer and handbag hahaha..

its not that im a lousy photographer but its da damn camera la
still looks ok wat...

makan cake!!!

will's ride

speed bump accident hahaha xD

for more stuffs bout the party check out patricia's blog or jils blog
at my links..


doyou came down to kl today so went to meet up with in subang parade and then surprise the guys in asia cafe..hanged out there for an hour or so then doyou want to tok po..so up we went to play pool jus ky vs doyou..philip wanted to go back and sleep..doyou was boasting he has improved and he can pawn ky ass but instead he kept losing hahaha..i din stay long after that to see if doyou did win in the end cuz i have to go to church at 6..then after that went to nandos again for dinner...uncle chen really liks to eat nandos..ive been there so many times adi hahaha but food there is okla so i don mind..later at nite slept late watching some dvds....


woke up really late about 12 something in the noon..while i was washing up patricia msg me to go to the curve to see kunfu panda..so since i have nothing to do for today so i said yes..took the train to kelana where pats mom fetched me from there..train ran a bit late so sorry ya pats for making u wait...so sorry..then later we spent the whole day there at the curve with pat, her bro joseph and his gf..was really fan at the end of it but i had fun too..kungfu panda was great..and it was all worth the trouble of goin there and back..jus to spend time with the ones i enjoy to be with.. and also your welcome glad to be there to provide the laughs and most of all jus glad to be there with u :) :)so ya very busy weekend..now to wait to for the next one which most probably in ipoh..so whoever from ipoh is readin this im coming home!!!tats it for the weekend until next time people....CKL out!!!