hellboy vs dark knight

came back to ipoh finally..one of the reasons i og back to ipoh other than seein my bro and playing my drums is of course drive my trusty wira but sigh uncle chen took it to kl adi.. but no matter..now i have car in kl adi yay!! but i cant drive it most of the time cuz uncle chen will be using it..but theres oso a possibility that i can drive oso cuz uncle chen can use the myvi..thats alot of buts but....ahh!! enough with the buts..ok so went to church but then when i was in my car and goin back from church this saga went to the side of my car and then someone in the car was waving at me..i was like huh?? cuz i cant really see who was it cuz it was so dark in the car..all i could see was a body and hand waving at me..so i just wave back la hahaha thinkin okaaayy that was weird..then i got a sms from esther asking eh when u came back..then it hit me hahaha that was esther waving at me in the car hahaha..sorry esther!!

so i went for a movie the next day with esther, doyou, phero,emily and edward..watched hellboy 2 which was a really cool movie and funny too haha and phero was t
otally obsessed with the princess in the movie hahaha after hellboy went for lunch then on to the next movie..dark knight wohoo!! too bad emily, esther and phero cant join us cuz they gotta ciao adi so oni me ed and doyou watched dark knight..two movies in an hour haha..dark knight was the best batman movie of all..the joker was madness itself man..pure madness and i like it!! really really tense movie especially the bombs in the ferry part..fucking kan cheung weh..after the movies i was like ughh..super tired cuz drank too much coke and ate to much popcorn haha sugar overload..

damn chun movie..
but nothing compared to the next movie..

dark knight baby!!

owh ya..me and ed will be heading for kampar tomorrow
gonna stay there for maybe 1 or 2 nights la
so here we come kampar!!