bday wishlist

turning 18 in 3 more days..time freakin flies man..i still remember i was 16 like it was im turning 18 adi lo..woohoo! and u know wat happens when a bday comes?? gifts of course hahaha!! i made a list of wat i would like to have la..some of the stuffs u gonna see well haha believe me u cant give to me wan la..but hey i can dream rite? who knows maybe someone out there who is super kind and loaded with money can give me la hahaha..ok then here is the list i made for i would like to have on my bday haha..

DW 7002PT Double Bass Drum Pedal
cost: 230 USD
this double pedal is just a dream pedal haha but any double pedal would do la for me..
i just need one to improve my drummin haha

Zildjian Cymbals Pack
cost: 116 USD
to improve my drumming and oso to make my beloved look damn yeng haha

no.3PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

which one of this will do la haha..if can get both even better muahaha
cost: PS3= 399 USD, Xbox 360= 299 USD


sequel to Pillars of The Earth which was a really good book adi
now the sequel..really want to read it
cost: ??

a good and long yum cha session with all my closest friends and family..
maybe some booze would do oso haha cuz eh im legal adi ma on that day..
this one will make the perfect bday for me la
fancy gifts and all are just a bonus haha