freshie nite...

just came back from freshie nite at sunway coll..the event was kinda a waste of 10 bucks cuz the event u say.. uneventful was kinda boring la overall except when this couple performed..they dance like grease style man..really cool haha..after performance thing was time to there sucked big instead me, will, jatta, melody, and pat went to AC to makan instead..met ky over there and he joined us for the makan session..after that was time head back home...reached home thinking wat a waste of my 10 bucks..lucky its oni 10 running short of cash as it is..ish i need to save up..arghh we din take any pics on tonite cuz there isnt much worth taking any..i took just one by the way when i was coming home..was full moon tonite so o took this pic of the moon cuz it was was so bright and it had a halo surrounding phone cant really see it cuz the cam lousy betul..but u can see how bright it was la..check it out

i see the light in the darkness