boring weekend

it was a boring weekend...
stayed at home on sat..while some people went to the summer splash thing at sunway lagoon..i din go cuz me don have the end of the day Sammy told me she had extra tickets..i was like =.=....teng never tell me earlier!!! but never glad i din go cuz all of them who went said there were damn alot of people and they were dropping like flies cuz of the heat there..haha so ya i rather stay at home and sleep..which i did:) the next day woke up at 2 like tat in the noon..then went and meet up with Edward at around 4 like that..he came down to kl to check out some colleges la..still thinking wether to go kdu,segi or ucsi..but i hope he comes to least i have one fren who is from ipoh haha..met up with him at taylors and we bumped into Mun Xiew on the way to asia and ed went hang kai around the area and catch up abit while mx went and eat..later we all went and hang at mx and eds talk somemore while mx watched bleach..while watching bleach he occasionally release his infamous farts hahaha..same old still sounds the same..and smells the same too hahahaha...after that ed had to ciao so i pun ciao ler cuz looks like gonna rain and i have to cycle back home..

me and edward at taylors (not gonna study there money haha..)

woke up early on mon to catch the 7.15 bus..class oni starts at 10 but jus wanna go there early la for no reason..ate breakfast then went to the com lab..saw Sammy there said hi..then half and hour later Patricia called..went down to the smoking zone there to m
eet up with her, Saffy and Sabby were there too..few mins later Jil sms me asking where i was then Will called me asking the same question haha cuz its still kinda early before class starts and im always the earliest guy there so anybody comes early will always find me wan haha..then we all gather round there started talking bout clubbing and all..all the club names im like blur la dunno anything bout those stuff..not a clubbing type la me haha..all my life only always go to one club..and tats rum jungle in ipoh hahaha:)

owh here are some pics i took before class in the library..

Patricia the bimbo version haha..
(like Owhh My Gawwdd!!) xD

got bored so i wore patricia's jacket;
makes me look buff hahaha