early bday treat

had an early bday treat from yeye today..since me, kim chuan and uncle chen birthdays are in this month so yeye decided to celebrate all of our bdays on one night haha..went all the way to kl to this cafe in a hotel..the cafe was named Vogue..it was in this hotel Renaissance..had a big big dinner there..ate so much that i think i can go on without eatin for weeks haha..and i probably gained i few pounds after tonite cuz the food there was so rich and so filling..i tried almost evrything there haha all the food there look so nice and wanted to try them all but my tummy wont allow me haha..

laaaammmbbb....meee likeeeyyy...

the rows and rows of deserts...

my ice cream..i decorated it myself with choco sauce, almonds
and of course the cherry..
typical sundae on a sunday nite

really nice this wan..forget wat was it called adi la
i had like 4 of these..haha
sapu all..;p

more pics of tonite comin up soon..so chill first ya..
peace out..