two oh oh nine

its new years eve and i sitting all alone at my rented house in kl writting this saddening..but nevertheless i kinda like a way la..after one whole month of hols and sleepless nites from goin out with frens..dota-ing, football, drinking, talking cock..the usual la..its nice to have the whole house to urself with some good music playing..haha its just me, the computer and mashi & maro (my frens hamsters)..ok i have alot to show u guys wat has been goin down since my last here is the rundown..first i would like to start with showing wat i got for xmas..haha

a very merry boxers from esther..haha
thx esther!!

two new shirts from me aunt..
thx small yeye!!



my new PS3!!

thx so much mom and dad!!!

ok so after christmas went to celebrate sam's 24th bday at Souled Out which was this really cool restaurant with really good food..the theme for his bday was all of us got him different kinds of fruits..and now he has like a whole stack of fruits haha..bumped into charlson at Souled Out too at that time..the nite ended with us getting sam drunk with a flaming lamborghini and a whole glass of tequila..haha

a reminder on how old you are sam..

group pic!! (frost punya baju chun giler!! iron man weh!!)

sam downing his flaming lamborghini haha



Mary said...

You're welcome son! Just so u know, its after careful thought n accessment of you and your sai low conduct that got you both this pressie! so...tau tau la....Luv, mom xoxo