ok ok i know its been long since ive updated..but im having a short sem so every piece of work in college are thrown at me..aghh as i write this im still in coll..i have an exam in another 2 hours more..but its public need to study much haha..ok so i decided to put up some of my jam session with the band in preperation for the auditions..i know i know the jam session was like ages ago but for those who havent seen the vids pls check it when i have my free time i will spend it on WoW~~(the best game ever in the face of the earth) just reached the max level for my character..hehehe..check out some of the screenshots i took during all ipoh fellas reading this, i will be coming back this week so yea any plans just call me..but i won be staying for long though cuz i still have hols at all..thye new sem gonna start in like 2 weeks so yea no hols..but next im gonna have photography and film studies...YAY!!

my character..chickopeh..yes i know its a female
but she is a gal you dont want to mess with..
hahaha XD

doing abit of night flying...

flying together with cicakman (dinie) in front..
i just love the view..

cant really se me but this is the raid party..
playing with people from all over the world

haha i died over here while fighting a boss..
while waiting took some pics

more pics..still dead haha