penang trip (day 1)


the mid term hols are here!! so i will update u guys wat u have been doin in this one week of damn short la..i need more!! anyways during the hols i went to penang with the anime club to attend this event called ichibanzai..its like a anime convention la by KDU there were alot of things happening and all la and im kinda lazy to talk about it so i will just leave all the explanation to the pictures that i took with my camera..well actually most it were taken by dinie but there are some by me so check it out people!

 DSC_2334 on the bus..

DSC_2406 Kon strutting his stuff..


DSC_2419 ZZZzzZzzZZz…

DSC_2424emo… xD


DSC_2461  me and angelus


DSC_2463Penang Times Square..baru open only so yea kinda empty lo


DSC_2469angelus looking inspirational hahaha


DSC_2473 the fountains at Penang Times Square


DSC_2492 i really like the pillars at the side there..they can change haha



this picture marks the end of the very first day we arrived at penang..will continue to update on the day 2 which is the day of the event in KDU penang..