Everynight's Another Story

today was a cool and chun day..
went to coll in the morning to get my results but end up finding out that the results only coming out at 4
i found that out at 10 in the morning..
i was lik wtf??
so met up with andre then wil..
spent the whole morning in the com lab playing botb..haha
then went to check out me new rental house
then we went jamming!!
louis and ray joined us later in the studio
so when we were playing around in the studio ray came up with this chun tune and then we started playing to it..
then we came up with this song..
i got to much time on my hands right now so i made this vid up to promote the song haha
took some of the pictures when we were jamming and made it into pretty cool vid if i do say so myself haha :p
pls do leave a comment on the song..i want to know wat u guys think of it..
thx u!!

and yea pls give us some suggestions on wat the name of this song should be..
already came up with one which is 'Everynight's Another Story'
but we thought maybe u guys can come up with a better name
so yea thx again evryone!!