the aug intake came for their orientation on monday..together with them was ed hahaha finally he is an official kdu student now..i was there helping out for the orientation..jatta was mc that day making all his lame jokes and all hahahaha well not all la..the act of seein him making lame jokes is funny itself haha..the whole day was well kinda busy..first thing that i did was shift heavy stuffs up and down with andre the whole morning..then me and andre did the music and we even promoted our song for the new intakes to listen one was really listening anyway cuz they all were busy eating their free lunch hahaha..soon after that we have to give the new intakes a tour of the whole campus then we were on station duty for the amazing race game for them..was really tiring la the whole was non stop doin things..but it was fun la get meet new mascomers and other people also..exchanged a few num here and there...but too bad weh this intake no leng lui wan....i was kinda hoping there was at least some la but all ok looking oni la..haiz wat to do hahaha..suppose to have pictures wan but their with munnie and jason so wait la ya..will put it a.s.a.p...till then ciaoz~~~