my limao died on me on sad..*sob*(limao is my laptop for those who din know) now i have to call the dell people to get it fixed..sigh until then i have no laptop to do my work and i have to use jatta's lappie to do my work..on fri was such a boring day..the whole house was empty..jatta went back to seremban and sam went to some dinner in kl..then josh dumped me for his gf and left me all alone in the house..i was shit bored so i tought of playing some horror game la fatal frame since im all alone..was about to start playing when suddenly my phone rang and it totally spoiled the eerie was pat asking me go yum cha cuz apparently she was in the area and she was shit bored too..haha so i went to go teman her then came back and wanted to cont playin but then i was sleepy adi went to bed and woke up next day to head of to church..followed andre around first and i made frens with a stray cat hahaha..came back form church had dominos pizza again thats like 2 nites in a row havin dominos..gonna get fat and gonna run of money lo..have to bloody control arghh!! cont playing fatal frame until 2 in the morning..hahaha i have some pics on wat i did for the past few days but im using sam's com to blog now so will put it up once limao is fixed again..until then ciaoz.....