i know its been quite a while sinced i bloged..so sorry ya people..ok lets get started first thing first..my limao is ALIVE!!! fixed my limao and its working like it was before..in fact it's now upgraded to windows vista ultimate haha..and as some of you people know i joined this soul calibur competition last friday and saturday with sam(roommate) and tylow..it was a 24 hour gaming marathon where u play against other players..the rules are if u win u can stay in that seat and play the next player..u can cont sitting there if u keep winning games and each game u win u will get a token..but if u lose u have to line up again to play..which is kinda frustating at times cuz u have to wait until ur turn then only u can play..and if ur unlucky u fight against some gila pro u lose then u have to line up again..sigh..for me at the beginning was goin well la..was winning loads of games but then later in the day the pros began to arrive and i find myself struggling to win games..sigh..but for sam and tylow they started of badly then slowly started to win more games then me..especially sam..he went beserk with his character winning 47 games in a row..marlow...so at the end of the 24 hour marathon the top 8 players witht he most win will enter the last 8..i din get in cuz i din play for the full 24 hours cuz was to tired la..but sam was still playing and he won 200++ games overall..so he was in the top 8 and he won his way t the finals!!! but sadly he lost to this guy who was known for me and sam as the god of soul calibur..so that guy won a HD tv and a PS3 while sam got a PS3 only..but thats good enough la cuz now my house got PS3 to play adi muahahahaha!!!!

owh yea one more thing i got a job at baskin robins at centerpoint..s
o yea im gonna work for the whole raya hols..gonna work with andre, will and pat..its gonna be a busy raya hols but hey its better than sitting around bumming around the house..now at least im earning money instaed of spending money hahaha..so thats kinda it la for now..till next time..CKL out~~~

Dominos pizza and PS2...the essence of a bachelor pad

Mr.Sam and his perempuan keji Ivy

the competition area..Mr.Tylow in the green number 10 shirt competing..

let me show you guys why i love this game so much hahaha..i know i sound like a bloody nerd or a geek or both combined together(gerds)..but i just have to show la haha..

the character i used in the competition..


this character movement is quite slow in the game but he has high damage and has a variety of moves..so if used well he can kill off anyone in no time..
(haha gawd im such a geek!!) check out the video..thats how i use my mitsurugi haha :P


a very random picture of me and me lightsaber and a ski mask

but then.....

suddenly the lights went out...

but with night vision we managed to caught this picture.....

a "hideously looking thing trying to act cute but failed miserably" guy was behind me!!!

now for something totally unrelated..was really bored at lectures so what do we do when this crisis hits??

Take a picture with someone beside u!!
me and amanda(dunno wats with her face haha)

tune in next time for the next victim who sits beside me..muahaha!!