long road to ruin…


i know its been ages since i have updated me blog..so here’s what happened since then..first thing is i have been really busy with my PR projects and other subjects as well..im in the entertainment department so my job is to well entertain haha..so i have been practicing alot in jen’s home studio which i think is awesome..now we dont have to pay for studio fees anymore yay!! anyways im gonna set up a link to u guys..we recorded a song while we were practicing..so u can leave ur comment there if u want cuz its on facebook..


ok so moving on to more recent stuffs..just celebrated dinie’s 20th birthday yesterday so im gonna wish him again happy bday dinie!! had some dominos pizza and cake then played a game of truth or dare which i always end up as the one getting dared like 90% of the time.. –.- and also yea i had a photo assignment that i have to do..so i took alot of pics on that day which is sunday..was really stressful due the damned heat and most of my groupmates ditched me and jil oni to do the rest of the work.. –.- but anyways we still had fun haha..gonna put up a few pics just to show u guys a sneak preview haha.. owh yea im taking part in this gaming marathon where first place is gonna be a 40’ plasma TV and a PS3 slim..so yea wish me luck haha..

DSC_4533the whole team getting ready for the shoot

DSC_4535 the mess we made on Andrew’s bed..haha

DSC_4543 oi bang..jangan tidur weh..

DSC_4554“me wan braaainss”; pat the zombie.. xD

DSC_4557 !!!!!

DSC_4691ok first up..miss jilz~~

DSC_4716a more closer look


DSC_4786 miss sabrina’s turn~~

DSC_4645 thunderbolt!! xD

DSC_4796 andrew cleaning up his guitars..

DSC_4800 *talking seriously*…Butterfliy!!..*cont talking* LOL

(inside joke for those who dun get it =D)

ok so those are some of the pics that we took using my camera..for now there about 100 over pics that we took and there is gonna be another one i think comin soon probably around next week..will put up the pics just like now if we ever do it..so thats about it i guess nothin else much happening acceot more assignments to finish up haha..so ciao for now la hopefully i can update even more next time haha..until then…

RAWWRRR!! (>.<)