a walk to remember


since its been ages since ive updated this blog..im gonna make this post a really long one..so first off another photo assignment..this time my group has to take pictures that describe a story..so for ours we did about tattoos..we have to capture the story behind tattoos..the sad thing is i wanted to take pictures of the tattoos so badly but on that day i already bought tickets to go to back to ipoh so all i can do to contribute to the group is by lending my camera to my group mates that are goin there..and u know wat? turns out my group has the best pictures then all the others in class..nice! kudos to jil, andrew and pat for the pictures..wished i was the one taking them though but i did teach them how to use my camera and what settings to use xD hahaha..im gonna put some pics up just to show you guys..

on to my next topic which is about my PR event coming up on Dec 6, which is another 2 weeks more..i shall now explain to u guys what exactly is my PR event is about..Walkabrella is as the name states, a walk..this walk is a charity walk to raise awareness on cerebral palsy which is a mental sickness where the person could control their muscles..also the walk we are actually targeting a malaysia book of records by breaking the record of the most people walking with an umbrella..so pls if anyone is interested pls contact me as soon as possible because i am selling tickets..if u want to find out more details about this event pls visit www.walkabrella.com

so now im currently caught with studying cuz finals are comin in a another week and also very much caught with my Pr event thing..i have been practising with the band for more than a month now..its gonna be a big event and im gonna perform on it with many other acts..after the event i cant wait to go back to ipoh..since my sem is over and i will have like 3 weeks of break..so yea a nice long holiday to spend chirstmas in malacca and also this year many of my ipoh peeps are coming back!! yeah..cant wait see them all again..its been way too long since i seen anyone from ipoh..since i have been basically stuck here in kl due to the amount of work that need to be done..so im gonna leave u guys with the photos of the tattoos and yeah also the pics that i took when i went to the official lauch of the Sony PS3 slim and the PSPgo..was really lazy to write bout that basically i went there and played games the whole day haha :D..

DSC_5122 dude you know what your doing right? *nervous laugh*


DSC_5123NEW! spray on tattoo!! just add water and your good! xD


DSC_5146bzzzzzt bzzzzt…


DSC_5185 peter parker getting inked.. :)

DSC_5293 mmmmm..i see chunky..erm i mean sexy legs of jil.. :P haha


DSC_5339 BLOOOOD!!! owh wait its just ink… (^.^)


DSC_5305 the pen is mightier than the sword…damn straight it is..haha wtfzomg..


DSC_5038 POOFF!! weeee~~ *clap clap clap*


DSC_5070HI MOM!! LOOK WHAT I GOT!! *points to my right* hehe :P 


ok above are the pics i got from the Sony launch event thing..i only manage to take some cuz i was busy gaming :P..anyway the pics are basically all almost the same thing thats why i din put that much up and din bother to write much bout it :P..so hopefully after this sem i will be done with exams and i will heading back to ipoh for the hols..so hope to see you ipoh peeps back home im missing you guys! until then…





DSC_5064 im sorry guys but the PS3 slim doesnt come with the girls..and they are not for sale.. (cuz i already owned them muahaha xD <3)


Mary said...

hmmm....nice! bring one home! ^-^