paintballs and zombies...


omg its KIDDYLAND!!! quote Elllis from L4D2..hahaha yeap that phrase right there pretty much sums up what i have been spending my holidays imma gonna start by telling u guys bout the painball outings that i went to..yeap i went to 2 paintball outings in a space of 3 weeks..150 bucks gone just like that.. (T_T) but i was all worth it..first one went to to Tanamerah in Sg.Buloh..that one first time playing and i got hit in the ribs and twice in the head..ribs part really hurt like hell..after that cant sleep on my right side for bout a week..second time went to Gopeng for another paintball outing this time with my highschool buddies..haha with more exp..i managed to not get hit too many times..wasnt as big as the one i went before but it was equally between those 2 paintball outings were countless yum char sessions with all my highschool frens..i was really good seeing back all those old faces..there were a few times where we just sit and talk bout the times in highschool..sat there and talk until 4a.m and laughing about all the stupid things that we did.. i find myself keep goin to cc to play l4d2 evrytime time that we get a chance..killing zombies has never been so satisfying and the times we just watch and laugh at the person being raped by a jockey hahaha xD..ok so thats bout it la for my hols..other than this was a okay chirstmas and fairly enjoyable new years with me best buddies..:) finally get to see esther again :D..and owh yah..comic im just gonna leave u guys with pics from the event la..a note though some of the pics may look a bit blur cuz i have to work in really crowded there was alot shoving and all..i is still not pro yet xD..but anyway check it out..

DSC_5646 the crowd at Comic Fiesta..MASSIVE


DSC_5651one of the booths featuring figurine making..


DSC_5654 the Disney princesses... (O.O)


DSC_5661 the characters from Orochi Warriors..from left; Okuni, No, Oichi, Nua, Gracia, Zhen Ji, Mitsunari, and Ranmaru..


DSC_5666i have no idea idea what character this is but all i know was damn alot of effort and time was put into producing this costume.. (O_o)


DSC_5676sam with the BlazBlue characters..a chubby Jin Kisaragi and Rachael Allucard.. xD

DSC_5682 no idea what this character is also..but she looks cute xD

DSC_5691 sama case dengan ni pun haha xD


DSC_5693 fooyoh xiang chang as Vincent Valentine..together with the FF gang and some characters yang tak berkaitan haha xD


DSC_5708 michelle(in white) dancing to gee when the song started playing haha..this was totally spontaneous btw..all those others are just random people haha





DSC_5714the MC, Alfred joining in with the fun when Michelle went solo on stage hahaha..

so conclusion is that CF was awesomely fun haha..din managed to take anymore picture after this cuz i was joining in the fun too xD..cant wait for this years CF, and maybe this time i will be cosplaying :D..havent decided what character yet though so until then as usual leave ya with this last epic picture haha xD