dead man walking


3 words..OH..MY..GOD…

it been freaking ages since ive updated this piece of electronic page or site or watever u call it…why am I here again? answer is, I dunno…seriously…for those who don’t know I actually started degree in Mascom like errrr 2-3 months ago yeah as you can see from the last post to this was pretty far ive been super-duper-uber-ultra-mega-busy with assignments and studies..for those who are thinking bout doing degree, make sure ur ready for a massive workload to be thrown right at your of now, I just finished the last assignment for a subject and also a concept that’s 1 down but I have still much much much more to do..have rediscover my past drawing skills for my storyboard due this week and PR assignment and journals to be done with…so just here now writing this cuz I decided to give myself a night off and preparing materials for the coming workload..then it full force non stop work for me..however~~ theres gonna be a paintball trip on the 19th and a BBQ partay in my house yo!! cant wait to go back on the field and cap some noobs..hehehe nola jk jk long time no play adi dunno still can shoot properly anot..but the party is gonna be great!! I hope…hahaha cant wait for this sem to be over!! ughh..

so anyway…this blog is just screaming for revamp but not now la..way too maybe during the 3 months of break after this might be a good use of the time hahaha..the blog list at the side also needs cleaning up..basically changing the whole theme of it la..soon soon..and yeah sorry for the lack of photos uploaded too..promise after this sem I will update more often.. :)

so I havent been taking loads of photos dslr has been just sitting there..unused..feeling emo..but anyway recently had a photoshoot for the college and so here are a few of it la to show..had a solo shot and some group shots..but yea mostly I will show mostly other people la and less me :P cuz I think some of you have seen it enough on fb adi hahaha..

69318_152214141487891_150640401645265_249583_5199953_n(from left: Melissa~~, Jane, Louisss, Manju, Krystle)

these are the typical college people~ although I dunno why the whip was in there..Krystle lu manyak ganas ah..haha xD



69318_152214138154558_150640401645265_249582_4794974_n(AJ, Natalie, Wern Ming, and Triffany!)

I think this suppose to be like sports I think la haha..FYI Natalie is a riding jockey just so you know la haha..and im not sure what exactly Triff is haha xD



69318_152214131487892_150640401645265_249580_4489791_n(top: Bob, Andrea, Cassie, Alloy, Me!, Anand. bottom: Firdaus, Nestia)

Entertainers group! woot!! from a ukulele player all the way to a ‘playah’ hahaha xD..oh yeah for those who still don’t know by now, yes, I cut my hair :)



40728_152215914821047_150640401645265_249594_2188514_n(Izwan, Miss Sheila!!, Melissa Tan, Parames and Theo the Boss haha)

Corporate/Mafia syndicate group haha..actually the real boss here is Miss Sheila..she would not hesitate to put a FAIL bullet through your head if you dun do ur work hahaha



MCC 213 class of 2010..not all of them are here though..missing quite a few people but anyway..their loss haha :P

Ok so that’s about it for now la..imma go play some PS3 before I sleep..then it’s a long long week ahead..cioaz~~ and owh as a tradition I will leave u with a last epic pic la.. so to say haha.. :D







Anonymous said...

we went through the dead period xD